10 best Web3 Startups that will blow your mind

web3 startups

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and one of the most exciting frontiers is the emergence of Web3 startups. As a pivotal force driving innovation in the digital landscape, these Web3 startups are redefining how we interact with the internet, bringing decentralized solutions and transforming various industries. The concept of Web3 revolves around a new internet era, characterized by blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and token-based economics. This shift promises greater security, transparency, and user empowerment, challenging the traditional centralized systems.

web3 startups

Web3 startups are not just a fleeting trend; they represent a fundamental shift in digital interactions and commerce. These startups are at the forefront of leveraging blockchain technology to create innovative solutions that span across finance, entertainment, real estate, and beyond. The impact of these Web3 startups is far-reaching, offering new possibilities for digital identity, asset ownership, and peer-to-peer transactions. As we delve deeper into the capabilities and achievements of these pioneering companies, it becomes clear that Web3 startups are not only shaping the future of the internet but also laying the groundwork for a more interconnected and equitable digital world.


Re, a San Francisco-based Web3 startup, is revolutionizing the insurance industry with its innovative approach. Launched in 2022 and having secured $14 million in funding, Re positions itself as a "decentralized Lloyds of London," harnessing the power of Web3 technology to transform reinsurance services. By leveraging the unparalleled transparency and security of blockchain, Re enables anyone to back insurance risks, opening up new possibilities in the insurance sector. This groundbreaking approach not only enhances the efficiency and transparency of reinsurance processes but also democratizes access to this market, making it a standout example of how Web3 startups are disrupting traditional industries.

Web3 startups


LALA, a Miami-based Web3 startup founded in 2022, is carving a unique niche in the entertainment industry. With a funding of $3 million, LALA has created an innovative Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace specifically for movie and television enthusiasts. This platform allows customers to engage with their favorite media in an unprecedented way: by buying royalties through digital collectibles. LALA's approach elevates fandom to a new level, offering fans not just a piece of memorabilia, but a stake in the success of the films and shows they love. This Web3 startup exemplifies how blockchain technology can be used to create novel, engaging experiences in the entertainment sector.

Web3 startups


Based in Picardie, France, ZetaChain, founded in 2021, is a notable Web3 startup that offers a comprehensive app-builder platform. With $27 million in funding, ZetaChain specializes in seamlessly connecting projects developed on the platform across the crypto ecosystem. This all-in-one platform lowers entry barriers for anyone looking to create or engage in Web3, spanning hundreds of public blockchains, highlighting its commitment to safety and security in the blockchain space.

Web3 startups


 Coadjute, a London-based Web3 startup founded in 2018, has raised £13.8 million ($16.8 million) to revolutionize property transactions through blockchain technology. The platform enables real estate companies and mortgage brokers to conduct transactions quickly and securely, streamlining the process and reducing costs.


Established in 2017 in Miami, Florida, QuickNode has garnered $101.9 million in funding. This startup offers a robust app-building platform on the blockchain, facilitating the development and scaling of apps across 24 different chains. It provides developers with reliable APIs, analytics, and tools, demonstrating the extensive capabilities of Web3 technology in application development.

Web3 startups


As a leading Web3 startup from London, founded in 2017, Aztec has raised a remarkable $119.1 million. It stands out in the realm of Web3 startups by offering a trading protocol and a privacy-first network for Ethereum developers. Aztec's primary product, the Aztec Sandbox, allows developers to create entirely private applications, contributing significantly to the development of secure and private Web3 applications.

Web3 startups


Hailing from Stockholm and established in 2022, Anotherblock is a Web3 startup with $4.4 million in funding. It offers a blockchain-based platform that enables users to own shares or royalties in their favorite music using NFTs. This innovative approach allows for a new form of music consumption and investment, making Anotherblock a pioneer among Web3 startups in the music industry.


Metaphysic, a London-based Web3 startup founded in 2021 with $7.5 million in funding, merges artificial intelligence with Web3. It provides a platform for content creators to develop photo-realistic videos and own their AI datasets. Metaphysic's unique approach to content creation demonstrates how Web3 startups are revolutionizing fields like AI and content production.

Web3 startups


Neol, a London-based Web3 startup founded in 2022, is redefining the business-to-business landscape with $5.2 million in funding. As a standout among Web3 startups, Neol provides a decentralized, tokenized platform offering services for fractional leader hiring and team recruitment. By leveraging a collective of experienced creative leaders, Neol is a vital resource for companies aiming to recruit top talent and enhance skill sets, showcasing how Web3 startups can innovate in the realm of business services and talent management.

Web3 startups


 Sorare, a Paris-based Web3 startup founded in 2018, has significantly impacted the sports and gaming industries with a staggering $739.2 million in funding. As a leading Web3 marketplace for sports crypto-goods, Sorare offers digital assets from officially licensed football clubs to Major League Baseball. With over 3.8 million users, Sorare exemplifies how Web3 startups are transforming the digital collectibles market, providing a unique digital fantasy sports game experience and reshaping how fans interact with sports through blockchain technology.

Web3 startups

What is a Web3 startup?

A Web3 startup is a company that utilizes blockchain technology, decentralized networks, and token-based economics to develop innovative solutions across various industries, fundamentally changing how digital interactions and transactions are conducted.

How are Web3 startups transforming traditional industries?

Web3 startups are introducing decentralized solutions that offer greater transparency, security, and user empowerment, challenging traditional centralized systems in industries like finance, entertainment, real estate, and more.

Can Web3 technology impact the entertainment industry?

Yes, Web3 technology, especially through NFTs, is creating new ways for fans to engage with media, as seen with startups like LALA that allow users to buy royalties in their favorite films or TV shows.

How are Web3 startups influencing the sports industry?

  • Web3 startups like Sorare are revolutionizing the sports industry by offering digital collectibles and creating unique fantasy sports experiences, allowing fans to interact with sports in a completely new way.
  • Web3 startups are pivotal in the finance sector, introducing decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions that enhance transparency, security, and efficiency in financial transactions and asset management.

Are there any Web3 startups focusing on real estate transactions?

Yes, startups like Coadjute are focusing on blockchain-based real estate transactions, enabling faster, more secure, and cost-effective property dealings.


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